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I brought this CD "Stillness" with me to the hospital when my husband had knee replacement surgery. We played it every day in the hospital and we are absolutely convinced it aided in his speedy recovery and fast healing. The nurses all made comments about the music and the atmosphere of healing it created. One of the nurses said they should pipe it into each room and the waiting rooms. We are ordering this CD to give as a gift to the hospital so all the patients and families can experience the healing presence of God through this anointed music.

- P.W.

Hi Klaus "my brother",  I'm going through a difficult time of struggling to trust in God will a childlike faith, after a long period of grieving the Spirit. During these last couple of years I have often listened to certain songs which lead me to the LORD's heart, and remind me that I am indeed purged by the blood of Jesus. One of those special songs is "I'm listening", it's a Godsend (literally). Sometimes Father uses it to really embrace my heart and settle all my fears of condemnation. I thank Him for using you to minister His heart to us. See you in the presence of the Lamb

- E.B.

After having major surgery, I purchased Rivers & Stillness the same time. I knew it was sure pure worship healing music that could speak my heart to GOD! I would like to be on the preorder customer list forever. This is music that draws your heart closer and closer to an AWESOME GOD! Thanks Klaus for hearing the sounds of heaven. WOW!

- S.J.

I just wanted you to know how much your music has blessed my soul.... I teach 2nd grade and I play "The Invitation" every morning for my class while they are doing their seatwork. It just calms their little bodies and makes for an amazing day.

Thanks so much!

- S.S.

All of my life I've dealt with issues of self worth. I grew up around a mother who constantly criticized herself and me so it was something that was instilled in me in my childhood.

Although I recognize my struggle and have come very far, it's still a fight for me to not have thoughts of negativity towards myself and I deal with it still as an adult.

My husband and I are worship pastors at our local church as well as artists and traveling musicians. This past Wednesday night we were scheduled to lead worship at a youth group so I woke up with great anticipation and joy and began to seek God for the service. I was so encouraged and uplifted and excited about what I felt God was going to do in the heart's of the teenagers there that night.

Hours later, my manager, emailed a picture of us from a recent photoshoot that we did and at that moment Satan began to come and plant thoughts of me not being good enough or pretty enough or thin enough to be walking in the purpose of God for my life.

Looking at me, people would never guess this about me and as I write about it, it seems very minute and insignificant...but you have to understand the severity of the battle in my mind and that Satan has used this tactic for years to keep me from being totally set free and a whole person. He knew that if he could keep me in that place of believing all of the negatives that I would never rise up and be all that God has called me to be.

On this particular day, it's like a lightbulb went off in my spirit...and for the first time...I realized and recognized the attack of the enemy on my life like never before so I began to do warfare against him...speaking God's word over my life and commanding him to flee.
I was fed up, and I was not backing down.

After praying, I went into the kitchen where the spontaneous track "I'm listening" was playing off of your new album. And although I had listened to the album many many times....when I walked into the room, something gripped my heart and my ears were opened. It was one of those moments where God uses something, a song, a scripture, someone's words, and you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that HE is SPEAKING directly to YOU.

I began to weep and weep and weep....and I played it over and over again. God heard my cry and came and sang a song over me....and HE used you and your music and your obedience to HIM to do it.

Just wanted to say Thank You for being a worshipper and allowing us to experience God's presence through your music. This experience that I had in my kitchen is the very reason my husband and I do what we do and will continue to do for the rest of our lives. If we can get one person to experience God's presence..it's worth everything!

- J.R.

To attend a "Night of Worship" with Klaus is always a breathtaking experience. It is like Klaus taking you by the hand to lead you to the heart of God and leave you there in his presence so that you can just drink from Him and comtemplate His beauty.

- M.M.


I attended the Night of Worship at CFNI last evening with a friend of mine.   By the end of the evening, we were both overwhelmed by the Spirit that was in the place all night. I think we did not come down for at least an hour after we left. You just never know what God is going to do at a 'night of worship' with Klaus, because he seems to be on the same track as the Holy Spirit so the Spirit of the Lord can do whatever He wants.

It was so great to see Gabriel  as well - so proud of the work you both have allowed the Lord do in your lives...such a blessing. I am praying a double portion for you both and for many new songs to continue to come. I know God enjoyed you both esteeming each other; that always brings additional angels in the place, I truly believe. 

Thank you both for such a wonderful evening and may you remain strong in the Lord.

- J.C.

I just wanted to say, "Thank you" to Klaus for coming to Dayton PA Assemblies of God last year. It was a small group of people during a hard winter week. While it may have been discouraging to see such a small turnout that day,  I felt like you came there to revive my heart. God spoke to me through your personal testimony of struggling with God's call on your life and the hurts that had set you back. Hearing you share spoke directly to my circumstance. I was about 7 months pregnant and struggling physically, spiritually, financially and many other ways. The past year I committed to grow, even in the smallest amount in my musical skills and return to leading worship at my former church (by invitation). None of that would have happened without your encouragement. Today, I received great encouragement from people there who have known me more than 15 years. They were sharing what a change they see in me, in the worship and the way the church is being changed through it. I felt like God revived a part of my life that was dead. I am so grateful that you came last winter and spoke to my heart.

- R.H.

I wanted to take the chance to thank you for the music.  A recent drive to Atlanta seemed to fly right by.The atmosphere that Klaus and Kari Jobe set in the van as I drove made it a wonderful time with the Lord. Much revealed and it was like I was translated there. The time passed, but it was like a minute!

Again, please pass along to Klaus that his ministry is far reaching. He travels with me all over the world ~ Fiji Islands ~ China ~ Africa… Worship is a vital part to help me (and the groups) accomplish what we are assigned to do.  Music transcends all cultural borders and is often the key to opening the doors to their hearts. Especially when there is such anointing on the music.

While I was living in Fiji and teaching in the mission school, I would bring the music to school and play it as a part of our devotion time.
Through the music, the Holy Spirit was able to touch the hearts of the Children and allow them to receive Spiritual Songs, Hymns, and melodies in their hearts. The glorious thing about the children was that the majority of them were Hindu and Muslim children… the Music opened their heart to Jesus. Thank you Klaus for helping me reach the children with the truth and securing their eternal lives in heaven!!!

My personal time each day was spent walking, praying, and worshiping on the beach. So blessed to have Klaus and team walking and worshiping with me in the Spirit in such a beautiful place…
The music that Klaus and Kari have been a part of was a huge part of worship not only for me, but also for those who came over for bible studies and fellowship. 

I have to share with you about a surfer friend from Germany, who had his introduction to Christian Music through Klaus. Much of our time together, there was something always playing in the background~ Dinner and bible reading had the invitation…. I had given him the music when he departed Fiji to continue his surfing journey. While surfing in Indonesia last June, he had an accident that required him to have surgery in Jakarta to fix him back up. Being so far away and not having anyone by your side is not comforting, but then there was Healing Waters and the Invitation. His recovery in the hospital was spent in an environment with anointed music to heal him back up and bring him peace. He is doing well and his walk is further strengthened as he learns to follow the spirit of the Lord as demonstrated in the music….

God Bless and continue to prosper your family and you in Spirit, Soul and Body,


- K.R.

Klaus is truly a worshiper. Who you see on stage is who he is when off. During my time at CFNI, God used Klaus and his passion for worship and music to deeply impact my view of God my Abba. My most intimate times of worship were on the floor being led by this man into the heart and throne room of God.

- S.D.

I went to your website, that "Abba" song came up. I'm totally ambushed.

I know many people right now who are in great need of a word like this from the Lord. I've emailed the site to a whole, whole bunch of people, and - I never impulse buy, but I bought just over $100 of CDs including three of "One Thing" - one for a friend here in town who's wife died two days ago of cancer... we all earnestly contended for her healing but it did not come, and we were not able to raise her up again. She left a husband and three home schooled children. Two weeks ago, a friend in Orlando died of brain cancer, leaving a wife and four children. Their surviving spouses will each get a copy of "One Thing."

People are hungry to know that Zephaniah 3:17 isn't merely the nice sentiment of another era, but the profound, unending, intimate love of the Father here and now. What Klaus is doing helps release that river of the Spirit. Thanks for putting that song up on the site.

- M.R.

I have to share something with Klaus Kuehn. I have a testimony - I have listened to a lot of music in my time and I have never heard of you before until today. I clicked on worshipmusic.com and found Healing waters free sample CD.. Klaus I have been beat, mugged, raped, molested, broken hearted, and much more. In 2002 I re-submitted my heart back to God and been going through ever since a deliverance process; but today listening to your music your obedience of having a faithful heart of singing unto our God, I was ushered right in to the healing waters. The Lord said to me "JUMP IN" I hesitated at first because I knew the waters was deep and I needed to make sure He would be there to catch me. He caught me! Now my heart is healed "I jumped in and it wasn’t comfortable but I don’t want to be comfortable I want to seek HIM with my heart. I am not looking for comfortable I am looking for Jesus! Thank you for your time.

- E.S.

Thank you so much for your pure obedience to Father. Last night was absolutely an amazing intimate time with our King. I was blessed to be led right into Father God's lap. Last night was refreshing and exactly what the Lord knew I needed. The Lord continue to bless you and keep you. Thanks again for your true pure worship. Last night, throughout the entire service, you carried and poured out God's peace that surpasses all understanding; and truly reflected the heart of the Father. God's richest blessings to you, your family and your ministry.

- J.B.

Your CD, One Thing, was given to me by a friend who attended a worship conference in Nashville in June. This CD was played in ICU where my daughter was for 5 days. She was not expected to live, and the doctors said if she did live, she would in all likelihood be a vegetable. I am happy to report that with the power of prayer as well as (I believe) the healing worship on this CD, my daughter is not only alive today but completely normal. I have given this CD to another friend and am purchasing 2 more for additional gifts. I encourage you to continue on the path the Lord has set you on ... your music is a blessing to many. Blessings

- P.E.