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10.31.11 | October 2011 enewsletter

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter so there is a lot to tell you! God has been so faithful and we are blessed in every way. Last week we celebrated Candace’s 16th birthday! Aaron will be 7 shortly and my little Olivia just turned 4. Sure seems like just a short time back that we were at the hospital waiting to bring Olivia home with us. Julie is doing wonderful and enjoying her parents coming to visit.

A couple weeks ago we were honored to be a part of the International Women’s Aglow conference in Houston where we had an incredible few days, followed by a local night of worship at the Adriatica Chapel here in McKinney, which turned out to be a beautiful intimate evening of worship. Last weekend we were in Chattanooga TN where we led a NIGHT OF WORSHIP with Kari Jobe. Always love ministering together with Kari as it brings back some pretty great memories of the incredible times shared at CFNI. The whole earth WILL be filled with the knowledge of the GLORY of the Lord. Of this I am certain and so glad to be a part!

Next on the list of updates is 2 NEW CD’s just released for the first time. A few years back, Chris Rogers, (who has helped to record many of my projects) came over to my house, set up microphones, and left me to play the piano. I recorded for 3 days on and off and just captured melodies. Later we added strings and then put it on the shelf for a bit. As many of you know, Chris went to be with the Lord a little over a year ago. I felt that it was time to release this Piano CD and so we have titled it STILLNESS and have dedicated it to Chris’ memory, his life and love of music. I promise you this CD will bring rest and peace into your home. It is gentle in nature and sure to inspire. Very similar to THE INVITATION, which has blessed many of you, but I think even a bit better!! My piano music puts my kids to sleep every night... and it works!

We also went into the studio and released a devotional CD called “EVERYTHING LIVES IN THE RIVER”. I love this project. With some very anointed music and scripture readings, I believe it will bring you into the presence as you listen. We have already begun to hear incredible feedback as people have listened to a few of the songs.

I want to encourage you to buy several copies. Buy one for yourself and then a few to give away. Sow worship into the earth. We receive testimonies all the time of how the music carried people through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Worship will change the atmosphere around you and change your perspective to a God one!

Both these CD’s are brand new and available for the very first time. There is so much more to tell you but it will have to wait until next time. Thank you so much for your prayers and love towards us. I am beyond excited about what the Lord will do in the earth in the days to come. Worship is front and center because HE is front and center. Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem!

Keep filling your life with worship and releasing the sound of His glory into the earth. God’s best on you and your loved ones,