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04.09.11 | April 2011 enewsletter

Hi Everybody,
Hope this finds you blessed and enjoying life! I remind my kids every chance I get to be thankful. We have been given so much and are so blessed that it is only fitting for us to be a grateful people. It’s simply a better way to live! One particular student from my days at CFNI, who God is using in an incredible way, will occasionally send a text to thank me for what I poured into his life. It makes my day every time he shows his gratitude. I have to believe it is that way with our Father!!

I was thinking about how much I enjoy my family every day. Seems like there is never a dull moment around the Kuehn household! Lately I have been running into friends that I have not seen in some time and when they begin telling me about their kids all grown up and off to college, I’m reminded of how quickly time flies. Life should always be lived in the moment. Our days are filled with so many events that at times feel like a blurr... but I am learning again to enjoy and celebrate the little things.

Well, I finally got my studio organized and am ready to start spending some more time in the room. So much writing and releasing of worship that I feel will happen in the next little while. Can’t wait!

A few months ago I was in a meeting where I had a real cool revelation about being in the presence. I had one of those wow moments! We had entered this incredible place of worship where the people were catching it and all of a sudden I realized what David meant when he said, "For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness". Psalm 84:10

I felt in that moment that just hanging out close to the presence, being a door keeper, was better than any other thing imaginable. Have you ever had those moments where time stands still and you feel totally satisfied? Nothing matters, all your troubles seem so insignificant in that moment? I really believe God wants to give us a whole bunch of those if we’ll allow Him to. Moment by moment, from glory to glory!

Earlier this week, my daughter, Candace and I experienced a cool God moment. We play volleyball together and were just finishing a practice. While leaving the gym, we saw an 88 year old woman lying on the concrete. She was on a walk when she tripped and fell. She was unable to move, had hurt her arm, and was bleeding. Candace recognized her, as it was close to her school and we were able to take care of this lady and minister grace to her. We talked to her 96 year old husband who said he was not able to go out and look for her and they live alone. It was dark and getting cold and we had a strong storm blow into the Dallas area overnight. I am convinced the angels watched over this dear lady and God had all of us there at the perfect time. Just one small event in a busy day but it made me realize again how good He is!

I hope that you will delight yourself in the Lord daily! There really is nothing that compares to Him!

Be blessed,