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03.01.11 | March 2011 enewsletter

Hey Everybody,
It’s been a while since I sent out a note to update on family life as well as Pure Worship Ministries. I hope this finds you doing well and living in the goodness of God! I have found that His faithfulness exceeds my greatest expectations and goes far beyond, for which I am eternally grateful.

It was a very exciting and busy 2010. My kids are growing up way too fast! Candace is 15 and now practicing her driving everywhere we go. She is in 9th grade and has become a lovely young lady. Always playing sports (currently, volleyball and softball), writing new songs at the piano, enjoying her many friends, and growing in faith. It seems just a short time ago she was off to kindergarten... but all you parents out there know how that goes. Aaron Judah is now 6 and loves life! He brings a lot of joy into our lives every day for sure. He’s learning to play the violin and piano, playing soccer, and whatever else that has movement to it. I think we play at least two games of Trouble every day and he loves winning (kind of like his dad). Olivia, well she’s in a world all by herself! She’s 3 and a spitfire. We have our hands full. :) She loves to play with all of her Toy Story 3 characters and can get lost in her own little world for hours at a time. It really is incredible to see how unique they all are. We are so grateful for health and blessing on all of our children.

Of course mom gets a lions share of the credit for all of the above! Julie is amazing with the kids and really is an incredible lady. Way more patient, loving, and kind than I could articulate in a few lines. Living life together in the Kuehn household is adventurous and really a blast. My pastor used to say that if you took any of the ingredients in a chocolate cake and taste them individually, they wouldn’t excite. Who likes flour, yeast, salt, etc by itself? But mix them all together and put some heat on them (I like the part about the heat) and you have an incredible dessert! I believe it is like that in life as well. At times the journey is challenging, and experiences all by themselves can be bitter or sweet, but when you mix them all together, add the heat of life and a bit of time, you have a most incredible experience! You gotta like that!

And then there’s Mary who really feels like she’s a part of the family. Our kids love her and she is simply a vital part of all we do. I cannot say enough about the quality of person she is and what she brings to this ministry. If I wouldn’t hold her back and if she wasn’t constantly waiting on me, we could really get a lot done. :)

I would be remiss in not mentioning all of the team that ministers with us on the road and at our events. Keith, Steve, Justin, David, Lauren, Brandon, and the ones that come with us occasionally. You guys are awesome and it’s a pleasure extending the kingdom with you!

Well, I have to wrap it up. We are looking forward to all that God has for us this year! I believe we’ll be releasing several new projects, writing a lot, and releasing worship into the earth. So much more I want to say but I want to close by mentioning our free download this month. The title of the track is, “There Is A River”. It was recorded by Gateway Church for the 20/20 devotional series and God has been blessing as we worship with it. I love the words out of Ezekiel 47: 9 which says, ...“everything will live wherever the river goes”. It’s why we do what we do and why worship is so incredible. When you get into the river of His presence, life just happens! Healing, wholeness, dreams, visions, mercy, goodness,.... and I could go on for a long time. He is good and His mercy endures forever! May God bless you as you journey with Him. He is forever faithful!