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11.15.10 | November 2010 enewsletter

Hi Everybody,
It’s been a while since we sent out a newsletter so here goes...

It’s been an incredibly busy season for me all the way around. Our family just moved into a new home and we have had a lot going on in the ministry. We have been to San Jose for the National Aglow conference, Los Angeles for a Worship Encounter, Illinois for a worship conference and led a bunch of local nights of worship as well. It’s been awesome to see the people respond to His presence. Of course we always get blessed as we worship ...that’s the great part of the deal!

The fall weather has finally arrived in Texas and it is always my favorite time of year. I miss the change of color that I grew up with in the north, but just the cooler weather and the leaves starting to drop make me happy!

I wanted to share a revelation that I have been pondering. Ever since we recorded “Roar from Zion”, the Lord has been speaking to me about sound in the earth. While in San Jose, Ray Hughes was one of the speakers that blessed me big time. Many of you have heard of Ray and his teaching on SOUND. It’s amazing. He said much, but what he spoke concerning the movement of music from the 60’s to current in the secular arena peaked my attention. When worship is misdirected and we exalt the creature rather than the Creator, we find ourselves in what the Bible calls Idolatry. It’s important to understand that music in itself isn’t good or bad. Since the time of the fall, satan has been looking for the very thing he desired in heaven....worship. It’s why he offered it all to Jesus if He would just bow down to him. Jesus says in John 4 that the Father, as well, is seeking worshippers throughout the earth. Interesting that in the late 60’s and early 70’s we began to hear the first sounds of modern worship emerging through the sounds of Maranatha music, Vineyard, Christ for the Nations, Integrity, HIllsong, Passion and many more.... A coincidence?? I don’t believe so.

In the book of Acts, we read, “in that day God will restore the tabernacle of David”.... which is pure worship regardless of location and void of religious order. It has begun all over the earth. And remember, I am not speaking of a musical style but rather a passionate heart cry of the bride in the earth.

What really got me was what I see in Revelations chapter 5 where there is weeping in heaven because no one was found worthy to open the scrolls and seals. Then the Lion of the tribe of Judah steps up. Of the many names of God used in the scripture, why this one? The final chapter in human history is about to be released as the Justice of God is at hand and He is about to receive the nations as the reward for His suffering! The Lion (KING) of the tribe of Judah (PRAISE in Hebrew) is His name!!! Why this name? Because the issue of the ages is Worship. It has to be because it is the choice that every man must make. Who will you worship??

I hope that every time you worship, whether alone, or corporate, you remember that you are a part of the vast army of the redeemed called out and privileged to make His name great in the earth. Every scoffer, every hater of God will soon see the magnificence of this King! I love it!

On another note, we have put together a few offers going into the holidays to help you sow worship into the earth! We also have our Christmas album featuring Kari Jobe and Elizabeth Clark as guests. I just listened to this record again and really enjoyed it! Get a few extra copies as stocking stuffers and bless some friends.

Love you guys and hope that the upcoming holiday season finds you thankful,