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06.08.10 | June 2010 enewsletter

Greetings to all!
Hope this letter finds you doing wonderful! I think summer has arrived (at least here in Texas anyway). The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!

I wanted to respond to a question I received recently on twitter from a new worship Pastor. He asked what advice I would give to him and I thought I would share it in this format because I believe it would be helpful to many. I teach often on leading worship and all that goes along with it.

Because church life is all about relationships, I think that coming into a new setting with a true servant’s heart is the first order of business. We as worship leaders are not God’s gift to the church but rather Pastors that ought to love and serve the people. It really is an honor to be given a platform in which you get to lead God’s people into the places of His heart week after week. There is so much more I could say about this but I’m reminded of the time that Jesus took the towel and began to wash the disciple’s feet, teaching them that the greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all! I remember going to a Tommy Barnett Pastor’s conference in Phoenix some years ago. There were several thousand pastors there and Tommy was the guy heading it all up. I was walking into the sanctuary when out of nowhere Pastor Tommy made an effort to come over and introduce himself to me, telling me he was so glad I was there and making himself available in anyway to help make my time there more special. The spirit of Christ in the man left a mark on my heart. I really believe that people will trust and follow you if they know you’re the real deal!!

Don’t come in to show them a “better way”, but see what’s in the house, what’s working, and then ask the Lord to give you wisdom in how to bring them to the place He wants the church to be! Worship leaders lead worship....what an amazing idea! You’re not a song leader, performer, etc... but you lead people in worship. Point them to the most amazing King of all! He’s beautiful and awesome in every way and if you’ll remind them of how great He is, it will be easy.

Last little thought is to understand that change takes time. There is probably a reason that you were enlisted. Your responsibility is to lead the sheep to green pastures. Lead is the key word here. Don’t expect things to change overnight but take your time, build relationships, lead worship and let God establish your leadership as you serve in the Kingdom!

On a closing note, we are packaging and getting the new recording ready. I can’t wait for you to hear it. We are so pleased to have a DVD to go with it. It really is an experience into the presence! You’ll be hearing more about it the next couple months.

I wish you a blessed summer, safe travels, and the touch of His presence on all you do!!

Grace and Peace,