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05.06.10 | May 2010 enewsletter

Hi Everybody,
Today I am writing from Michigan where I will travel to the state capital and join many others for the national day of prayer. As my Pastor said on Sunday, "there are a lot of attacks on Christianity and on our freedoms, but we must pray at every opportunity". There were many saints in the scripture that were told they were not to pray but their response was that they had to honor God, which is what our response should be!

Last Friday I attended the Gateway worship recording and was blessed as the presence of God was in the house. I was honored to have had a part in writing a couple of the songs used that evening. One of the songs they sang was the one that we are releasing as the song of the month. It’s called “Praise Him”. Every time I sing this song, my two youngest children (Aaron and Olivia) start running around the living room chasing each other and jumping up and down as they go. Whenever I sing the verse or bridge little Olivia (my 2 year old) says, "Daddy sing Praise Him!". I can never get away from the chorus for very long! We recorded the song for our new release in the studio a few weeks ago. It’s a song declaring the praise of God.

I was able to get to Nashville for the Dove awards a few weeks ago and celebrate the favor of the Lord on both Kari Jobe and Jennie Riddle. Both won doves and it was fun to be a part of their journey! From the simple chapels and simple songs that we sang at Christ for the Nations to the music and worship reaching into all the earth! Awesome! While there I connected with Lindell Cooley for the day and had a great time just hanging out. The man always encourages me!! Let’s continue to pray for the people in Nashville in regards to all the flooding.

On another note, Candace, my 14 year old, just finished her volleyball season (she played for Club Legacy) and it was a great experience. Her team did awesome and it was a time to make a lot of new friends and enjoy some great competition. I am so proud of her and am enjoying this season of her life. I don’t always talk about her but she is a wonderful young lady for sure!

Some friends just sent out a beautiful violin for my 5 year old son, Aaron, to start taking music lessons. We pulled out the violin and all of us played it. I can’t wait to get him into lessons.

In closing, I want to update on the recording that will be released shortly. I feel like the touch of God is on it in a very special way and very much look forward to releasing it. We are calling it “Prepare the Way”. We recorded video of the evening and are very excited about releasing it as well. I believe It is such a timely message for the church. The Lord is about to Roar out of Zion! Make way for the King!

I trust this letter finds you and your loved ones blessed! The Father is seeking those who would worship in Spirit and in truth. Keep Worshipping!!