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04.06.10 | April 2010 enewsletter

Hi Again,
Hoping you enjoyed the Easter weekend. My family had a great time celebrating!!

Listening to the radio last week, a Jewish gentlemen said that he was taking off a few days to celebrate Passover. I decided that I need to celebrate the season with my family remembering the significance of what Easter is all about.

I have three children, Candace 14, Aaron Judah 5, and Olivia 2. As you can imagine I can’t explain everything the same way to all three. But I told Julie that I wanted to make this Easter a significant time, remembering that it was in this season that the Power of the Holy Spirit raised Christ out of the grave and seated Him at the right hand of the Father. All authority and power has been given to Him for the ages to come!

I called my friend Brian who loves the Jewish customs, and along with some other friends, we ordered some Lamb, and planned a Seder meal together. Brian prepared the lamb and then reminded all of us what Passover really meant. The nation of Israel had been enslaved by the Egyptians, Pharaoh had hardened his heart and refused to let them go. God sent the judgment and plagues, the last being the death of every first born of Egypt, upon all those who did not have the blood of the Lamb upon their doorpost. Each Jewish family brought a lamb into the house (the lamb stayed with them, the children becoming attached to it). Then they were instructed to slay the lamb, place the blood over the doorpost, cook it, eat it in haste, and prepare to leave Egypt.

We all know the story but it is up to me to teach my children the significance of it and to remember. How soon we forget! Jesus the lamb (beloved of the Father), layed down His life, and the Father looking at us passes over our sins forever because the blood of the Lamb is over the doorpost of our hearts. We celebrate a resurrection that is glorious. Because of this, our lives are forever changed! The scripture says that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now dwells in us!

We ate the Lamb, ate lots of chocolate, and remembered how great His love towards us is and celebrated the risen Lord!! I hope you will always remember!

I was honored just a few days ago to help lead worship at the memorial service for Mrs. Freda Lindsay. What an incredible lady. I would need an entire enewsletter to just begin to tell you of how great an impact she had in the earth. I have often said that if the book of Hebrews was being written today, I believe she would be one of the heroes mentioned! It was a celebration of an amazing life!

On another note, we are about to finish the mix on the new CD. It has been a bit slow in finishing but is turning out to be an incredible project that you’ll be able to enjoy and experience the touch of God. As many of you know, Kari Jobe was a big part of the night. I believe this CD will be a powerful tool to release worship into the nations. It was a night to “Prepare the Way for the Lord! “ We’ll keep you posted on the release of the CD along with the DVD.

The free mp3 this month is called "Conversations" and is off of the Serenity project. It is an instrumental song and I think you will really enjoy it. We are running a promotion this month on the two Instrumental CDs and are selling them as a combo for $15.

Many blessings on you and yours,