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02.02.10 | February 2010 enewsletter

Hi Everybody,
I can hardly believe It’s February already! I always look forward to updating everybody on what is happening and hope that what we write encourages you!

Over a decade ago, I remember writing a song called “Break me for the Nations". I still remember how it moved my heart and I felt destiny, not only on the song but the call to the nations. Since that time I have been privileged to travel all over the world taking worship into the nations. Christ for the Nations recorded it shortly after my original recording of it, and it has blessed many over the years, being used as a missions anthem.

A few months back, Walker Beach called and said that Gateway Church wanted to record a version of the song for their “Let’s Go” Devotional Series. The daily devotions deal with the church touching people every day, one at a time, with no effort being too small. The stories of soccer moms, unwed pregnant mothers, and many others, amaze you as God uses our touch to change lives.

Walker did an incredible job producing the song, and I was blessed to sing and play on the arrangement. Gateway and Integrity music have graciously allowed us to offer the new recorded version as a free download. It really is a moving song that I trust will mobilize many to the harvest field. I am hoping that many missions organizations will use the song to inspire people to touch the world. Please share it with your missions pastor and all those that could use it to reach further.

On another note, we are about to get our most recent recording finished up in the studio and still hope to have it available early spring of this year. We’ll keep you updated on the release!

I wanted to leave you with a thought concerning worship. When the woman with the alabaster jar worshipped Jesus, she spilled the whole of it in a moment. Historians tell us it was very costly. She broke it open preparing Him for the burial to come. The Bible does not say that she measured out a little at a time, not wanting to be excessive, but rather poured it all out in that moment of worship! If we are still measuring our offerings, we have not seen His worth! The religious leaders said it was too much and that she was not worthy, (sounds religious, the very opposite of what Jesus came for, which was to seek and save that which was lost and convert rebels into worshippers). She saw His worth because of what He had done in her life and poured out extravagant worship in exchange for the extravagant love that He had shown her.

My prayer is that all of us learn that type of worship in our lives. Not just in a given moment, but every day. When you are poured out for the broken and the destitute, you do it as unto the Lord, as an act of worship. May we be broken and poured out for the world around us.

Grateful for His goodness,