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10.02.09 | October 2009 enewsletter

Hi Everybody,

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the goodness of God. The cooler weather and fall season is here and all the Texas people are happy!!

I'm in Michigan as I write this, attending my cousin's funeral. A very special and moving day as we remembered his life. I am amazed at all the lives he touched in his short time on earth. Although Eddie's life was not an easy one, he made a point to share God's love with those around him. I was again reminded of the brevity of life. My thoughts went to the many occasions we gathered at Eddie's house and then to the day when Father's family will all gather at the marriage supper of the lamb. Amazing thought that will soon be a reality. We'll get to see all the many loved ones that have gone on ahead. Wow!

The trees up north are turning colors and this is a spectacular time of year as the seasons change.

I've been selecting a few songs that I've recorded but never released for the free mp3 downloads. This month's release is titled "More of You". I remember driving along one day and realizing how much I need Him in my life but also understanding that for that to become a reality, less of me would be the result, which really is better anyway :). Hoping you're enjoying the music.

Please put on your calendar to join us November 20th for a LIVE recording (audio and video) at Trinity church in Cedar Hill. Kari Jobe will be joining me and I feel like God is going to release a prophetic stream that night preparing His people for the days ahead. Making way for the King is what we're doing. Please invite some friends and help us release God's heart for this hour.

I thank you for your prayers and support for what we do. It is my honor and joy to bring His people into the courts! 'Till next time....

Grace and peace