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09.01.09 | September 2009 enewsletter

Hi Friends,

Wow! Another summer is wrapping up and school is back in session! Hasn’t been too hot of a summer in Texas although I have to be honest in telling you I’ve escaped some of the heat while in Michigan spending some time with the family. The Lord is good and remains forever faithful. Hoping that you’re enjoying the goodness of God every day of your life. I’m not talking about physical blessing but the steady presence of God in your every moment.

We just finished several great worship events and are looking forward to the new that’s coming. Kari Jobe and I did a night of worship at Covenant church in Carrollton, Texas and were able to reconnect with some friends and enjoy an awesome night in the presence. Hoping to do more of the same in the very near future. As I write this, I am on the way to Windsor, Canada to minister at the church and city in which I spent many of my earlier years. I'm believing God will meet us in a special way.

Mike Hayes recently spoke on worship and I was reminded that worship carries a cost. Abraham worshipped and was asked to sacrifice his only son. Solomon sacrificed in a major way before the glory was released. Mary broke open her alabaster box representing a year’s worth of income as she worshipped. God meets us at the altar of sacrifice. There is a cost involved and something should die at the altar. We should never leave the same as when we came, and more of His life, less of us, should be the result. In our modern culture we often desire a feel good experience but the life of God can only be revealed in us as we yield ours up.

These are hard times for many and I believe may become much more challenging. Who knows where the days to come will find the church. Practice the presence in your family and everyday living. Love and cherish God’s law, writing it upon your hearts. Mentor your children to do the same. Don’t allow the mindset of the world to press in on you. We are the called out ones, the elect, the salt and light in the earth!!
Upcoming Events

I want to give you an update on a few new and exciting things. We are starting a free mp3 download every month that I hope to continue for many years to come. My goal is to release songs that will bless the body and encourage. Come back and look for the free mp3 every month!

I’ll be a part of the CFNI Alumni Reunion in October that will reunite many of the worship leaders of the past for a live recording. Looking forward to that. If you are interested in joining us, you can find out more information on the CFNI website.

Please put on your calendars to join us for our next recording on November 20th at Trinity church in Cedar Hill. Kari Jobe will be joining me that evening and the purpose is to record an intimate night in the presence. Not looking for a lot of hype that evening but a night to make way for the King. Worship is going to release the prophetic in the church in the days ahead and the Spirit will speak to the bride and prepare her for the things to come.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the worship you give to the King!

Grace on you!