About Klaus

Born in Germany, Klaus and his family emigrated to the United States when he was a year old. By the time he was ten, the family had moved to Canada and Klaus was actively pursuing Classical studies in piano.

His musical tastes and style was shaped by the music and passion of Keith Green and other contemporary artists. Klaus encountered God in a significant way at the age of 12. Through the influence of Godly parents, Klaus, his older brother, and two younger twin sisters, were raised in an environment that put God first.

After graduating high school in Canada, Klaus attended Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas. It was during that time that worship became the passion of his life.

After graduating CFNI, Klaus married Julie and they presently reside with their three children (Candace, Aaron, and Olivia ) in McKinney, TX.

He has been actively involved in leading worship both domestically and internationally since graduating CFNI. From 2003-2005 he returned to CFNI as the worship leader bringing the students into the presence every morning. During that time, he recorded and produced both the "Glorious" and "Overtaken" CD's.

Recently Klaus has partnered with Integrity Music to release a new recording "Glory". He is the Director of Pure Worship Ministries and travels extensively releasing worship into the earth.